Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Where babies come from

I love bedtime. My kids bedtime. Not only for the obvious, now they're in bed and I am no longer on active duty reason, but because I get to hear my daughter say little gems like "I can't wait to be a mommy and lay a baby."

Maybe it was the big yellow baby duck that was born on sesame street this morning or maybe this is the only logical explanation to the whole baby thing when you're five. Whichever. If she wants to think babies come out of eggs for a little while longer I'm so okay with it.

I tried to spot Kate in the gazillion people crowd at the Fiesta Bowl yesterday, no luck. The game though, is like amateur hour. I know they're college, ehem, students but there were missed extra points and crazy runs and Instant Replay? for a college game? That I didn't get, but whatevah. It was a great game and Ohio State has quite the quarterback. I can see how you might get sucked in...

My husband is still unemployed. He needs a hobby. Like vacuuming. Or laundry.

Or if you'd rather read this post translated...you can. By clicking here. Because really, it sounds just like me, Dawg. J-E-Double Nizzy? You better believe it.


vw bug said...

I think your girl is wise beyond her years. I don't know how you heard that and didn't laugh. That was fantastic.

The Daring One said...

I think vacuuming or laundry are great hobbies for any husband.

My daughter is all excited that she can eat her food so her body will be strong and make milk in her breasts to feed her baby ducky.