Thursday, January 19, 2006

Firteen on Friday - The Grand Finale including the Show and Tell

1. Yesterday was the last official day of the Thirteen. I'll miss it. I've been totally slacking on updating the linkage at the bottom for the last few weeks got to be too much.

2. Still, thanks Leanne* and MommaK*'s been great.

3. I cannot believe that I actually like Dancing With the Stars. And I don't just like it...I love it.

4. Sometimes TV should just be easy and brainless. Keeping up with Lost and 24 is a commitment and I tend to lose focus halfway through the season.

5. My daughter's latest favorite toy in the world is those Littlest Pet Shop creatures. Those are some seriously ugly pets.

6. Like Tom Brady, I'm hoping that both AFC teams lose in the Championship game this weekend. I know it's not possible but screaming rubberlips Bill Cowher in the Super Bowl? yuck.

7. I just read the book I was thinking about for book club (Last Days of Dogtown) and while I liked it, meh. Not sure if it would make a good choice. And really, I should have this info to pass tonight. So, if you have any suggestions send them my way...

8. My husband has to take a retraining seminar for unemployment even though he's going to be hired back by his company. It makes no sense and is a waste of time and Commonwealth money but still I laughed at him. In a nice way. heh.

9. Because I am pressed for time I will include Blackbird's* Show and Tell with my Thirteen. Favorite hats. I love baseball hats in general but this isn't one I wear often because I'm afraid to get it dirty or smudgy
I posted a pic of this last year after the Super Bowl. It's signed by Deion Branch, last year's MVP. It was a long, cold wait to welcome the men home and worth every tooth chattering second.

10. And this one. My dad always had a fishing type of hat, purchased on the cheap at Caldor for probably a buck or two. I always used to swipe them from him. They've all since disappeared but this lone hat remains. It's torn and a little dirty because I'm afraid to wash it and tear it some more. And I don't sew, making it a vicious circle.
11. There are more hats lying around...a 1978 Red Sox hat, A World War II helmet of some sort, many fleecy Patriots things but those are my favorites.

12. On the heels of sad news I can always count on you all to add sunshiney goodness to my day. The carnage over at Kate's* house cracked me right up. I luuuuuve that Monty :).

13. And more goodness... my friend, after waiting patiently for nine having a baby. Her third. I am so, so happy for her. And to be honest, even happier that it's not me. Mwah, C. Best. News.

*sorry for the lack of proper linkage*

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