Monday, January 02, 2006

I have no strong resolution feelings either I ususally make them? yes. but more as a general guideline than a strict Iwillnotfail mandate.

Last year's resolution to yell less was a fair success lasting until April. And nagging at me throughout the other eight months. Not sure why I'm considering four out of twelve months a success. Don't judge, math was never my strong point.

So I'm repeating my resolution...resisting the urge to raise my voice.

And there's another. Simplify & organize and quit with the procrastinating already. those are three (remember the previously mentioned math suckage) but you get the idea. I feel as if I'm treading water over here sometimes, that even the simplest tasks are huge projects because well, A. I procrastinate because it's part of who I am. B. There seems to be just too much. of everything. C. I hate that I'm cluttery by nature and maybe if there was less it would be easier to take care of.

We shall see.

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