Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I know someone who works for 3M and tried to get some free product off him or like a written apology to compensate for my loss of plaster. No dice. He said it sounded like user error. USER ERROR. Can you imagine?

He's right - I pulled the tab incorrectly. Those damn things are too strong for their own good. Damn tabs.

And SQ, she wants to wager knitted pet mittens on a possible New England vs. Pittsburg game. At first the thought panicked me...learning to knit in two short weeks and pet mittens to boot (ahahahah to boot...get it? no? nevermind) but then it hit me. I would only have to pay up if the Patriots lose. To the Steelers. In the AFC Championship game. Ain't happenin'.

But then, there is the very slim chance that the black and yellow pull off a win (two wins to be exact) and then I'd have to pay up. And the very thought of learning to knit and then having to actually knit something for someone else to see and wear (even if it is a chariot riding doggie) well, it's got me kind of in a tizzy. Tizziness is something that comes quite easy to me. Calm and zenish isn't my style, unfortunately. I'm not a raging lunatic. A quiet lunatic, yes. Raging, no.

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vw bug said...

You can do it... win I mean... and even if they lost, I'm sure you could get the mittens knitted. Or at least one. ;-)