Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thirteen on Thursday or Friday....Let's not be too picky

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. I had no idea it was Thursday until ten minutes ago. *And now it's Friday*

2. I am decrapifying my house this week. I couldn't wait for the official Jan. 30th date.

3. That doesn't mean the job will be finished by the 30th though.

4. My daughter is in her glory hanging around with her daddy all the time. She's learned to play chess and is presently wearing a flannel shirt and doing yard work.

5. Have you ever confronted a teacher because your son's grade appeared to be too high for the work he's turned in?

6. Do you ever get all of the christmas decorations put away on the first try? Every year there are at least two or three things that have snuck their way past me and only after all of the boxes are organized and stuffed put back neatly into the eaves do these little candleholders and ornaments make their appearance.

7. I think my printer has officially kicked the bucket, which both excites and depresses me. On one hand...HURAAAAAYYYY, New Printer!!! On the other hand, new printer = $$$.

8. I want a decent color printer/scanner. Printing photos would be nice but not a necessity. Any suggestions?

9. I love Saturday Night Football. And I will SO be rooting for MommaK's Redskins against those Seahawks that afternoon.

10. I can't believe I'm going to admit to this...but I'll be cheering for *scrunchesupnose* Indy (unless hell actually freezes over and the Broncos pull off a win) on Sunday. Because once we beat Denver we're going to seal the deal in the dome in Indianapolis. It wouldn't be the same otherwise.

11. Two things I want to get done this winter....organize all the loose recipes I've got hanging around & learn to cross over when I'm making a corner on iceskates. I can do it, but barely.

12. I also have a growing list of books that I want to read.

13. I'm off to take a picture of my favorite room for the Friday Show and Tell. Which I am DETERMINED to post today.

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1 comment:

MommaK said...

Thanks for your rooting. We'll need it!

No, I never get my Christmas decorations put away on the first try - or my Halloween or Thanksgiving for that matter. I need someone to be in charge of me - you know, to keeo my butt in line. I don'd do a very good job of it anymore. I'd rather be on the computer ;-)

Have a great weekend!