Saturday, January 07, 2006

Show and Tell Whenever

Crafty I am not.

Here's my knitting. From last year. I find that by sticking the needles into the ball of yarn and placing them in a basket in the corner of my bedroom it gives the appearance of a knit work in progress. The balls of yarn are dusty. Enough said.

I cannot sew unless you count bad stitching done by hand.

Someday I will learn both of these skills, I want to make mittens and curtains. Those are my goals. Lofty, eh? Well they sure do seem it when I'm starting from scratch, that's for sure.

I've tried my hand at making cards recently and because it's like second grade arts and crafts with the cutting and gluing, it's just my speed. I like paper in general, but apart from Christmas, Birthdays and Babies...I don't generally send cards. So we'll see where that goes.

The kids have guests, the dog is barking, there is lunch to be made and the husband is helping friends with a couch. Happy Saturday, all.

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The Daring One said...

I will be teaching a group of 8-11 year-old girls how to knit scarves on Wednesday night. You should stop by.