Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jenny's Rockin New Year's Eve

Where New Year's Eve last year was a quiet affair, an evening with friends in their new home - this year was anything but.

Some of us met for a little prefestivities dinner and much to the surprise of our hostess her grill hadn't been repaired so we had a quick lesson in broiler using. We took the kiddos to see the Festival of Lights

See doesn't this look festive? Okay, so that was a bust.
Onto questionable destination number two.

A party. Where the only people I knew were those we arrived with. Guys (and their families) my husband plays hockey with. Nice people, much food. When I asked where my son how his sister was doing he says "Oh, she's downstairs in a closet with M." Um, hel-low. Scarily enough, M. is probably going to someday be the man of her dreams but for now they just bat each other with Hulk Hands

And here they are in a closet. A closet the size of the girlie's bedroom. And no, M. is not giving us a lesson in 'driver communication' but holding up a pretzel. But the fun of hanging out with complete strangers soon wore thin and besides we had one last stop to make.

A party my husband invited himself to. Yeah. Not an actual "hey we're all coming to your new house." More like, "Hey, P. said you're having a big party for New Year's." which of course was followed up by an invite by the host. Maybe it's just me but I questioned whether an invite made after a statement like that was a TRUE invite or not. So, wearing my anxiety on my sleeve...we all went over.

There was a grape and brownie catching exhibition. Much to P.'s wife's chagrin.

And this? This is what happens when someone inadvertently starts singing that song..."if you wanna ride, ride the white pony"

Much laughter.

And because these our friends we've met through hockey, friends with loud trumpets purchased at the dollar store there was a video.

We fell into bed in the wee hours. I made a big breakfast this morning, trying my hand at homefries. They were delicious. Which means next time I try to duplicate the recipe, they'll stink. Such is life. Today we are planning games. Playing and watching, as the Patriots take the field this afternoon. Slippers will be worn.

Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.

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