Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So Hap-py To-Gether

I can't see me lovin' nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life

Um. Yeah.

So the weather's being unseasonably warm, which by the way is in NO way related to global warming but to the amount of steam leaving my ears when my husband says things like "Why can't you still make their lunches? You used to HAVE to make their lunches. What did you do while I was working???"

Okay then, so it's warm. And his company called him back in. Almost. The construction coordinator guy called yesterday to say that he might start back today, tomorrow or maybe next week. I've never met this guy, but when he called again to say probably Wednesday for the work, was it wrong of me to tell him, in a voice of mock horror, "you're killing me over here"?

And then he called again today to say maybe next week.

I was taking a poster down and guess what...those 3M sticky tabs...they ripped the fucking paint and plaster right off my son's wall. Down to 40 year old cardboardy drywall.

At least my husband has plenty of time to fix it. Because there IS a bright side to all of this togetherness and dammit I'll find it even if it kills me. And it just might.

Really it's not all bad. There was a low point after Christmas that was pretty damn low. There was, and is, some bad crap happening with one of his brothers and my husband is the go-to guy for his parents. It was weighing very heavily but the load is lightening as the days pass. For that I'm very thankful. But for the neverending questions like "Where are the lunch boxes?" and "How do you pack milk?" and "Why is the new size 4 underwear smaller than the size 3T?" and "Can you get out of the clicker path?" (the path the remote control signal takes to tell the TV what to do) Yeah. Not so thankful for those.

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