Monday, January 30, 2006

Funny, when the Superbowl teams aren't from New England you'd never even know that there's a game about to happen.

I cannot believe that people would spend even one cent of their money on that damn James Frey book. And they're still buying right up. Fools. If you feel you must read it try the library and that lying jackass won't get a cent from it.

The husband went back to work today. He tried giving me a list of things he got accomplished in these past seven or eight weeks. We laughed when he realized it was a very short list. He claims to have vacuumed 12 times and to have washed, dried and folded 75 loads of laundry. Which would mean he vacuumed at least once, sometimes twice a week and that he averaged more than one load of laundry per day. Hmmm, maybe he should write a memoir too.

Overheard this weekend:

I want to get a big big allowance so i'm going to keep setting the table until i die.
The girlie knows that if she sets the table her brother can't. He's generally okay with that, until she gets a portion of his allowance. She's been setting the table non-stop for 26 hours now.

I don't know if I'm going ice fishing, I hate to ask for time off right away.
Well, you had better ask. Oh and if they say no would you mind spending a few days at your mom's?
I don't think he has any idea how much we look forward to his ice fishing trip. Oh, wait. I 'm sure he has some idea. The girlie actually cried when he said it. I've told the kids that they can go and spend their christmas gift cards that weekend and she thought there was no hope of hitting toys r us with her dad home.

Other weekend highlights:

The girlie learned how to blow a bubble, which has infuriated her brother.

The husband attended a bruins game with his hockey pals on Saturday night. He was more than a little hungover on Sunday morning and I had to take the boy to practice. My revenge? Telling all of the dads exactly what shape the poor guy was in. He's got a game tonight and will be teased mercilessly.

The son was just an all around good kid, with the exception of his walking out of the barber shop after waiting forty minutes. He refused to go back in. Nicely embarassing.

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