Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bus A welcome sight.

After a bonus snowless snow day school vacation has finally ended. Tomorrow we are going for the medical daily double with an early morning dentist appointment for the son and a late morning 5 year old check up for the girlie. I'm hoping the husband will take dentist duty as my son is not exactly brave in that department and only just last year stopped trying to HIDE when she takes out the grape flouride. The polisher, sucker and picks are okay....but perish the thought of brushing kool-aid flavored goo all over your teeth. RUN FOR COVER BOY....SHE'S OUT TO GET YOU!

In the past twenty four hours I've received three phone calls from parents of kids in my son's class. Two for spelling words and one for the lunch menu. When did I become the responsible one? Truly, it's a little frightening. Do they not know that I am continually cursing the school web site for lack of lunch menu updates ten minutes before the boy is supposed to leave and praying that I didn't throw out the one song/poem/sentence/extended homework sheet that he needs to memorize?

The fact that I appear to have it all together might have me start believing that, in fact, I DO have it all together. Because it's all about appearances. Or no, that's not the right one....How about Looks Are Deceiving. I think that one's a closer match.

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