Friday, January 13, 2006

Show and Tell

So it's Friday. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back for posting the Show and Tell on the actual day OF the show and tell.

This one was harder than most. A favorite room? I mean, we've redone this house, with the exception of our bedroom, completely over. We used to spend hours mulling over ideas. I'd draw something up at work and stick it in my purse to show him later. We'd walk through Home Depot and then Lowe's...filing away fixtures and knobs in the back of our minds. The only contractor we've ever hired was a plasterer. He was terrible, but he was cheap and while my husband didn't have the time or the energy to plaster the interior walls, he could fix the mistakes and clean up a messy job. Oh, we had a guy come in and install rugs too, so two contractors, I guess.

I'm the idea girl, he's the 'git-it-done' guy and somehow we did, we got it done. From reframing all of the exterior walls because they were not entirely able to hold the windows and doors in; to driving to Maine for log siding. From replacing each and every window, especially the ones held in by two nails; to replacing all of the plumbing and wiring. From knocking down walls to reinsulating the place...all of it. With no official plans besides what we drew on scrap wood and graph paper, my husband did it. A labor of love, really.

There are parts of each room that I love...

The way the morning light shines in her room. That and my first and only attempt at stenciling. This is late afternoon, overcast light....just not the same.

The details of this took awhile to figure out, from the trim on the edge of the bookshelves to the stair balusters. But from the start I knew this would be a wall of shelves and I love it.

The only room I can take full credit for is my son's and while it was alot of work and I was totally impressed with myself for doing it while my husband and the son were gone away fishing, it's not my favorite.

It's the kitchen.

My father in law made all of the cabinetry by hand. Every time we visited them he would show me the progress, which piece was giving him a hard time, how he would fabricate the tip out drawers in front of the sink, the lazy susan latches. It was hard work but they're beautiful.

This is the faucet I HAD to have. No negotiations. It's copper and it's tall. And it splatters all over the counters (the counters that show every drop of everything) due to the too low sink. I love it and the counters nonetheless. Oh, and the wood blinds. I love them too.

The corner bench. Again, made by the husband (not the table and chairs, just the bench). I love beadboard (wainscoting) and again HAD to have it in the kitchen and hallway. And because our house is teeny, the built in was the way to go. The seats lift up for storage and there's a heating duct at the bottom of one of the sections...the section where we keep all the hats, mittens and scarves, so it's all toasty warm.

The bowl on the table is handmade from cherry. I'm also kinda partial to the fake fruit. It looks real enough that the son's friend tried to bite it. Which, maybe he's just not very bright. There are some cutely coordinated pillows hiding in the corner too.

So there it is. My poorly lit kitchen. That's the one bad spot, the lighting. Well, the installed lighting is okay but the natural light Stinks. Capital S. But as those in Tuvalu might say...Say La Vee.

Wow, I'm done. And with almost seven hours of Friday still left. Woot!


vw bug said...

I love the cabinets!

The Daring One said...

The kitchen is awesome. I love the cabinets and the red eating area.