Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. When I clicked over to MommaK I was taken aback by the fact that it's already Thursday.

2. I don't make many trips to Borders, mostly using Amazon and the library to support my habit. Last night, on a whim, my boy and I parked outside of Borders and walked through. His first time in as a real reader. His Christmas list grew by a mile.

3. My son's teacher had a baby this morning. My sister-in-law is pregnant and we recently watched an episode of Little House where Ma gets pregnant, has a baby and loses a baby (all in an hour). Hell-low. This is MAKING me discuss the baby thing with the kids. In very general terms of course, but still.

4. Okay Melissa. Thanks, Thanks alot.

5. True confession: I totally suck at this latest little game. But I'm just good enough to let it keep sucking me in. Just good enough being struggling mightily with the Easy puzzles. Struggling mightily with a big eraser.

6. I think I have finished up with the presents and have moved on to Phase II: gift certificates.

7. I have a thing for bags. Purses too, a little, but mostly bags. And this is what I'm ordering next.
smith and hawken bag

8. In Bruins news, even though no one cares except my son, they traded away their team captain Joe Thornton. Wow. Even I don't care. Well, I care that there was a trade, just NOT that it was Thornton.

9. I am SO gearing up to be the Daisy Scout troop leader next year. I'm sure I'll be bitching about the whole responsibility by mid-year, but this year Stinks. Capital S even. Basically, they color. And have snack. What's with the need to serve snack at every kid's activity? It drives me bananas.

10. There are plans to put a Target in my town. Which if we can get the grocery selling one, like they have in Tuvalu, then I might get behind it. But the nearest Target is presently 10-15 minutes away. Is ten minutes too far to drive? Must it now be five minutes? Right now there are no grocery or big shopping stores in town (true value does NOT count) and only two street lights. I like it that way and don't mind hiking those ten minutes to civilization.

11. Speaking of targets I have welts on my legs from playing target goalie for my son this afternoon.

12. The son got his first report card...excellent all around with the exception of 'listening comprehension'. Hmmm. It wasn't a bad grade, just a grade that could be improved. Just like his 'listening comprehension' at home. At least he's consistent. More importantly he got the highest grade possible in Conduct. Phew.

13. I'm right down to the wire with three hours to go before this becomes a Friday Thirteen. And just like that...Done!

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