Monday, December 12, 2005

I guess I'll start where I left off on Friday...The Show and Tell...She wants decorations? well, I'll give her decorations...I frighten my kids every Christmas season with this little fella.

This here is Santa. Very old, very handmade Santa made from the finest of egg carton, cotton ball and pipe cleaner. For reasons I cannot fathom, I treasure this little guy. Maybe it's the horrified looks on my kids faces when I gingerly unwrap him or the way they laugh behind my back when I tell them that "Ain't no one puttin' Special Santa on the tree but mumma." I'm embarrassed to admit I may have been seven or eight when I made this 'lil guy. But it gets better, well - if not better...less creepy anyway.

Here's my boxwood christmas tree:
This took like, fifteen minutes to put together. What?? It looks like it took fifteen minutes to put together?! Well. Fine then...
Here's my last entry:
He was two years old and in LOVE with Santa. He dressed as Santa for halloween, made Santa presents, talked about him endlessly. He was fascinated. And at the family Christmas Party, when Santa arrived he watched him quietly from the edge of all the scrambling kids and then finally got the courage to give him a hug. He would've stayed there forever. He looks so serious but he must've been so content.

Saturday...Hockey game (9-1-1 *woo-hoo for another win) and hockey christmas party. The Christmas party starts off with alot of the "Now, which one is your son??" and things like that and ends up with my husband trying my friend's WAY too small oscar the grouch t-shirt on and laughing so hard I literally fell over. The chicken refused to come out and show his hockey buddies tho..*ba-gawk*

Sunday - Christmas Cookies. With red silicone bakeware. And they were fucking perfect people. The silicone baking sheets got the clean bill of health from the chemist, who assured me of their safety with the caveat that he's "no expert on silicone". Dude, your a chemist, that's expert enough for me.

And today apparently I'm a bitch. Just ask my son. Hah. So I said to him "BITCH??? You think I'm a bitch...I'll show you bitch kid!" Not really. I actually just looked at him and told him he "had better NEVER say that again and we'll discuss the matter further when he gets home." And that was it. No raised voice even. He was worried, worried, worried. Heh. Serves him right. I did the whole, no TV no video games this week but am angling for one more thing, some sort of alterna-punishment...(like when I made him write five things he loves about me)...I'll have to think on it.

But wait....last night...Survivor. The beginning montage, dullsville. I hate the pay tribute to your fallen castaways thing too. But anyway. At the beginning of the year I was psyched to see Stephenie and Bobby Jon. Then all the hatin' started on poor Steph. And more often than not, I could see your points and I wasn't lovin' her like last season. But at the end? With Rafe, keeping Danni and not Lydia??? Dammit. Very noble. Very dumb. Would've rather seen Steph vs. Rafe in the jury. But Danni won. And bought lips.