Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hey, Melissa...my husband would thank you for introducing me to Sudoku but he can't. Because he hasn't spoken a word all night, except for "1,3,6,2.... Wait. That can't go there. Damn." He has stolen my book.

All the presents are wrapped. Except for the Santa gifts. Because if they see them wrapped in the special paper pre-Christmas the jig will be up. And I don't want the jig to be up. Ever.

A closer look at Jenny's Christmas Eve Dinner Guests:

sister in law vs. jenny & husband of - stalemate. no recent discussion.

brother in law #1 vs. husband of jenny - v. new, he says he's mad that my husband laughed at him when he lost the texas hold 'em tournament. I say he's mad because my husband privately called him out on a very insensitive thing that he did, a totally and purposely ignorant thing.

brother in law #2 vs. entire family - is uncomfortable around his family because of his past and ongoing problems, keeps to self, v. sweet man but is haunted.

stepsister vs. stepfather - barely speaking.

father in law vs. jenny & husband of - thinks we totally jumped the gun when we approached my sister in law about the issues between her son and my kids, her son being his hands-down favorite grandchild. yikes, sound a mite bit bitter there...sorry 'bout that.

And they're all coming over for Christmas Eve. And you thought fireworks were only for the fourth of july.

Actually, I'm betting that we will all behave remarkably well, and now that I think about it, I'm just counting on the whole christmas spirit thing to see us through. Naive? I hope not, this is not the usual course for my family, so I'm unsure...but I remain optimistic.

Editors Note: My husband just gasped out loud at the whole Johnny Damon to the Yankees trade...he's a-liive.

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vw bug said...

Best of luck and Merry Christmas.