Friday, December 02, 2005

okay. so it's not drunk blogging but very buszzed blogging.

christmas party tonight. for my work.

we sat on the LAME side of the room at first. Our entire tgable went home by 830 p.m. I tolk my husband compeltely made up styorie sabout everyone he didn't already knwo..

"see that older guy (like 70) dancing with that yourng girl?" I said. Well, then I told him that they were married and how the office was all surprised and amazed when they got hitched. Total lie. But the look on his face whas too I kept at it.

funny thing...this whole lack of spell check looks just like my typing when I'm sober. so for all you know I'm drunk blogging all the tiem.

I know, show and tell. Dudes the cameras downstaris and Id'have to download and stuff and it's late. Drunk sudoku anyone?