Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. "Hey, I vacuumed your floors for you."

2. "Is it really so bad having me home?"

3. Supposed to go see Chronicles of Narnia with the son on Friday.

4. Supposed to get a good ole snowstorm on Friday. Effectively canceling our months of planning. Me? Not want snow? You know it must be serious.

5. My dog eats fish food by the can. Once, because we kept forgetting to put it out of reach, I had to buy fish food four days in a row.

6. I love this. Go ahead, give it a shake.

7. So they are now allowing scissors and screwdrivers on airplanes? Funny, when I flew out of Logan Airport almost two years ago now I walked on with a pair of scissors in my jacket pocket and a screwdriver in my purse. Totally absentmindedly as I was just bringing the scissors because the daughter could cut paper for a seriously long stretch of time at that age and the screwdriver in case I had to change the Pixter batteries mid-flight. I've always wondered that, if during those strict security times I boarded the plane with contraband, what were others bringing aboard?

8. My father in law had some concerns about my silicone baking sheets and chemicals leaching into my peanut butter cookies, which is precisely what she was worried about. My friend's husband is a chemist...I've sent him an email, I'm curious to see what he knows.

9. I just watched the Destiny's Child WeboughtallourgiftsatWalmart commercial. Yeah. Right.

10. I'm just getting around to reading the sixth Harry Potter. Very enjoyable.

11. I love sports talk and funny sports talk is even better.

12. I have seen half of two episodes of Sex in the City. I must be missing something...this was supposed to be GOOD tv?

13. I might sound a mite bit bitchy about my husband being home...and sometimes I may actually BE a mite bit bitchy about it all. I know....sometimes??? But for the most part I'm thinking it'll work out alright.

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