Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hey, did I mention I went to see the Chronicles of Narnia movie? No? Well. I did. We did, the foulmouthed son and I.

And it was good. Really good. If you have a chance...see it.

Oh, and to those of you who've read the sixth Harry Potter book and didn't discuss the ending out here in internetland...thank you.

Amazing Race review...
This stunk. The finale was not much better. The funniest team won. But being funny didn't really make them likeable. Meh.

Tonight...Christmas Shopping. For one Yankee candle. Mostly just Chrismas walking, talking and laughing with a friend. I have some things to return...apparently Old Navy's idea of clothing sizes has little base in reality when it comes to my kids. Every single pair of pants runs way huge in the waist (those adjustable straps were cinched in to the seventh hole on each side - on the boys size 8 slim pants. Do they sell size 8 Slim-mer? No? Why the hell not?) and it's killing me.