Monday, December 05, 2005

So then. There was no hangover to be had, which is always nice. But really I do type pretty poorly and if I don't correct my mistakes this would always look like drunk blogging.

This was our one weekend of leisure this month. And how did we spend it? Whaddya wanna do? Ida know...what do you want to do? Very productive. But somehow still enjoyable.

I made our Thanksgiving Dinner last night, strictly so that we can have turkey sandwiches and soup. Also, in the 'what I made this weekend' category: a wee christmas tree made from boxwood clippings. I was supposed to decorate it with popcorn and cranberries, but we watched Elf and the kids chomped down all of the popcorn. Maybe tonight.

We are on the verge of another confrontation with my sister-in-law about her lovely son. He's eight and because we are diligent parents and my father in law and sister in law think we are just persecuting him unfairly, well, let's just say things get a little awkward. And it's christmas. And nothing says christmas like familial awkwardness. And then, because of all of the uncomfortableness and tiredness from being diligent, I usually leave all the functions early...with the kids in tow, which they don't understand, so they hate. Super fun.


But this morning. As I was at the esteemed coffee house I frequent (Dunkin' Donuts - the pink and orange is the only gig in town), which I don't really frequent...but let's not be picky here...anyway, a girl I work with. She was in front of me at the drive thru. And when I pulled up to the window, I found that she had paid for my bagel and hot chocolate. And so, with that, The family suckage faded into the background. Thank you, G.

And now I must go whip some five year old butt. At monopoly junior people. Sheesh.