Friday, November 16, 2007

You know what's better than going to bookclub?

Going to bookclub with your best friend.

Knowing you cannot risk even one more glance at her because someone is bound to catch us rolling our eyes at the engineer's monologue. When I called the executive vp about a job and he said "are you looking?" even though...blah, blah blah hiring freeze blah blah

Trading barbs with her about a future 'resort' in her town and a never to be built Target in mine. Totally loving all her town gossip and knowledge.

Love that she tells me that I could vacuum my computer's fan out and the processor will be faster for it. Or that I can call her about the Sims or the Wii and she'll totally get what I'm asking.

Can't wait to hear the geography fair story.

She doesn't stick up for my husband when I'm reviewing his numerous shortcomings. And she so could, because they have that same Type A thing going on. And her husband and I? Not so much, let's just say we're a little less, grown up mature intense. And yet I would kill him and he me if those stars had ever aligned that way. We NEED our Type As to keep us on track. And no it's not fair. And you are saddled with two of us, SP. Did I mention that I didn't pay my dog registration for 2006 or 2007?(is it a form of irony if I work upstairs from the town clerk and see her every day that i'm there and STILL haven't managed to pay for two years?) See, I know that makes you crazy.

You got me TWO awesome jobs! Two!

Plus she has heated leather seats in her jeep and I love her even more for that.


Mig said...

OMG!!!!! You are so kind and I think I might be a little on cloud nine right now.

I should probably be getting the boy ready for the whole Geography thing but instead I'm checking in with you.

Right back at ya, BF!

blackbird said...

I haven't paid my dog registration for two years either - there's probably a warrant out for me.

Amy said...

Dang, here I was just working on getting SP to be my long-distance BF and now I find out I have to register my pets in order to qualify? Um, I haven't gotten my cat's rabies shots in years (what?! he's indoor! - besides, I can't get rabies and LM, well, he's just on his own...)

I would so love to go to book club with the two of you, though!