Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dudes, i am out of material so all you get is hockey and a movie review

Alternate title? Think long and hard about signing your kiddo up for hockey, a week in pictures.

Saturday: An evening hockey game, where our team fought their way back to a tie. The other team's website called my son's team a powerhouse. It makes me giggle, I mean...they're ten.

Sunday: Eight a.m. practice. I stay home with the girlie, enjoying the sleep-in. Photoless.

Monday: My mom runs a big fund raiser dinner for her employer and the guest speaker? None other than Cam Neely.
So the boy got to enjoy a dinner out and hob nob with a hockey VIP. Are those meat hooks or hands? My son said he seemed like a really nice guy and felt bad that he had to answer questions from people who were more concerned with the health of Patrice Bergeron than Cam's Neely House. Oh, and there was a practice that night that my son missed.

Wednesday: Skate with the Bruins. What I thought would be just a quick free skate with a few rookies turned into a super crowded event that featured one rookie and one superstar.

Meet Phil Kessel. Cancer survivor, excellent hockey player and hero of my boy. Damn, he's cute too.

Saturday: An evening game after spending the day in your pajamas. Ugh, how the poor kid got motivated I'll never know. He's the one in the white helmet. Oh, we won and are *whispers* still undefeated .

Sunday: There was a seven a.m. practice. And hell would have to just about freeze over for me to go to one of those just for the fun of it, so no pictures.

The team was signed up to play the other Squirt B team in our organization. The game was in Providence at the Dunk (where the Providence Bruins play and right before one of their games). It was only for bragging rights but still my husband was glad to see his team pull off the win. Seeing these pictures makes me realize just how bad the lighting is in virtually every other rink.

Providence Bruins game. Where the kids sit together and act like typical nine and ten year old boys, i.e. stealing each other's hats, sharing popcorn and screaming like lunatics every time the players threw down their gloves for a fight.

Hockey skills. I don't usually go as it turns to social hour after the kids are off the ice and we get home entirely too late for a school night.

And done. Granted, there were some extras in there that usually aren't (Cam, Phil Kessel) but it's a slippery slope people....

Movie Review:
Ratatouille. Meh. Started off pretty good and then got way boring. Don't bother.


Anonymous said...

Cam Neely lives close to us and I have to say, I don't know him personally but I have never heard a bad thing about him. Not from a waitress, not from a grocery clerk, not from anyone. Being who he is, and the size that he is, people know him when they see him around town, people notice. Still, only nice things. That has to say alot for the guy, don't you think? Luckily, I am not famous or surely I would have been caught being rude a time or two.

When you say superstar, you were talking about your boy, right?

My boys are too small right now but I have to say, I think I will try to avoid hockey just because of the hours! Holy cow! I don't think I have the stamina to show up for ice time that early. I have no idea how your kiddo plays too!

SneakyPeek said...

Ummm I just bought that movie ... what are ya sayin'?

Love the recap and the pictures! While it's a lot for you the parent, it's really really COOL.

catsteevens said...

Kessel -- Yes, yes, damn cute.

Ratatouille -- although I did not see it, I was about to buy it for my niece & nephew when my SIL said they hated it.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Hmmm... I liked Ratatoiulle. Try not to hate me, k?

Amy said...

Love the pics (as always) can't believe that you live in a cold climate AND you choose to spend 90% of your time on or around ice. Ahem.

Oh, and I totally agree about the movie. Bleh.

Kimberly said...


enough said ;)