Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well, today has been much, MUCH better. The boy is no longer in pain and is currently lacing up his skates at practice.

It turns out one of his front teeth developed an abcess, which I am assuming by the amount of tears, is extraordinarily painful. He refused to let the endodontist drain it (drilling! no pain killers!), well, really he just started to cry when he heard the word drill and then hugged me. The guy snapped off the rubber gloves and told us to come back in a few days, going the antibiotic route first.

Seems to be working, I have to call tomorrow as he still needs it drained. Then the two root canals to follow within the week or so.

I cannot imagine that we have even one cent left of dental insurance for this kid. Merry Christmas, son.

And speaking of ...

He went upstairs to hop on the computer and what did his absent minded mother leave open? The excel spreadsheet that lists everything I've bought so far. He totally saw it. He confessed to my husband who then told me, secretly, what had happened. I had no idea how to play it, when to bring it up and what to say.

And then at dinner, after his sister left the table, he told me what he had seen (Wii!). I told him it was my 'wishlist' of things I'd like to get them, for ideas when I'm shopping. And then my husband made a big show of saying that I had better not have purchased any Wii type of things. But I'm not sure if he believed us. Next to some of the gifts it says "stocking", "family party" and "family stocking". I don't know how much he really read and digested and I don't really want to bring it up too much more...but ugh. The poor kid, he was as mopey about it as I was.

Okay, now. Off to work...


Amy said...

double ugh, j. That really blows. All of it.

I don't even know what more to say than that. Just ugh.

Mig said...

Ok so that totally SUCKS!!!!

I have no ideas on how to proceed but whatever you do it has to be from scratch because you know he read it ALL.

Maybe just come clean about the whole xmas thing.

Did I mention how that so totally SUCKS?

blackbird said...

You make sure to remind him that he has NO IDEA what that list was. And that even if he suspects he might get some cool gifts he WON'T BE GETTING THEM UNTIL CHRISTMAS.
I've had that kind of thing happen - you can turn it around so he happily anticipates the gifts instead of being blue...you could even let him in on a girlie gift so he feels grown up.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

OK, this is where I'm so happy my 6yo still can't read for s**t. At least I can still be careless with my Christmas lists!

And, my 4yo has had TWO abscessed teeth and they are not fun. Fortunately, they were both baby teeth and they pulled them both. But, OW! Hope your little man is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sucks - both the list and the teeth. But the Wii? It is awesome. So. Much. Fun.!

Caterina said...

Regarding the list...I would die. And I would have no idea what to do. Double ugh.

I keep hearing Wii this and Wii that, and I pretend to know what the heck that means!!?!!!