Saturday, November 24, 2007

Okay, so when you fall asleep snuggled and warm in bed with your little girl and then you wake with a start and think...I've gotta post. That's exactly when NaBloPoMo sucks the worst.

Some random for y'all:

Do you put those single clear bulb candles in your windows during the holidays? Electric or Battery? And how do the cords look on the INSIDE of your house? My outlets are not anywhere near my windows in most cases and while I'd love to quit with the batteries I worry about how much more I'd hate the cords.

Am loving the Thomas' Cranberry English muffins, with homemade blueberry/raspberry jelly.

I'm reading The Subtle Knife (a sequel to The Golden Compass) and while I'm enjoying it, a line about cutting off children's sexual organs kind of makes me wonder about finding it in the 'independent reader' children's section at Borders.

We've spent the vast majority of the last two days in pajamas and sweatpants alternating between gameboys (pokemon ruby for me and emerald for the boy), movies (transformers), barbies, knitting and reading. Perfection.

Not cooking on Thanksgiving leaves you with no leftovers. And dinner time hockey leaves you with no opportunity to cook a smallish version. I'm jonesing for some soup.

Getting out the door to go Christmas shopping at 3:20 a.m. is just way sick. On the other hand, I only have four things left to buy and I know exactly what they are.

I always wonder what I'm missing when I meet those people that everyone says, "Oh, you'll love A. she is SO nice" and then I don't really like them at all. And don't find them particularly nice either.

We bought the kids those winter jackets that zip apart so that there's a fleece liner and a windproof shell. My daughter lost her fleece liner part the first week she had the jacket. *sigh*

My son sat on my lap during his friend's hockey game today. He's ten and is sometimes allergic to me, so it was doubly nice. He also explained the term 'odd man rush' and showed me some examples during the game. He then rolled my eyes at my newly coined 'even man rush' and told me to pipe down before a hockey dad heard me.

A friend of ours had a duck fall down their chimney and into their fireplace.


Lisa said...

Was there a fire in the fireplace? If so, I hope they were hungry.

Was the game good? I would love to learn more about hockey. I listened to the Buffalo v. Canadiens game on XM yesterday. It's not the same as being there.

blackbird said...

It may be a pain in the butt having to post every day, but I sure am enjoying hearing from you.

A duck, eh?

Anonymous said...

You've almost made it, so good luck!

Also, did the duck fall on Thanksgiving? I thinking new recipes for Turducken......

~**Dawn**~ said...

So are you just gonna not post for like two weeks when November is over?

And OMG. A *duck*??

How 'bout them Patriots last night? Stinking it up on all sides of the ball & *still* somehow winning?! I was dying that whole game.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Please tell me there was no fire in the fireplace! QuACK!!!

Amy said...

I know your faith isn't in the same place as mine, but I urge caution with The Golden Compass. At least explore the intentions of the author before letting your kids read (or see the movie).

Enough of that - only four more days of NaNo anything, and for that I think we all should say a resounding HALLELUJAH!!!