Monday, November 26, 2007

I do not have long laptop is a dinosaur and it's battery is on the verge of extinction.

I was so looking forward to a quiet night with the girl (the boys had hockey skills) and I found myself with one of those 'it hurts to blink' type of headaches. Sweet girl that she is, she made me a card and used about four tons of stickers on some other project while I curled up on the chair and tried to sleep. And then she rubbed my back.

I love that child.

A knitting question: I'm making a scarf (stockinette stitch)...I want to add stripes. Does it matter if I start the next color on a knit row or a purl row? Anyone?

And no, the fire place wasn't lit. No roasted duck. Apparently, though, it was dark when they came home and the man approached the fireplace with a flashlight and was nearly scared to death when the duck hissed and pecked his beak hard at the glass doors. They called the neighbors and got some crab nets and somehow managed to get a hissing, flapping, pissed off duck into one net, cover it with another one and run it outside. I still laugh when I picture it...


Amy said...

So I was teaching myself to knit oooh a couple weeks ago before I realized I had 50,000 words to write this month (duh) and so I only learned the knit stitch. I still have the same stupid thing I was knitting (too little to be a scarf, too big to be a dishrag) on my needles with no clue of what to do next. Guess that'll have to wait until NaNo is OvEr.

hope the headhurt goes away quickly and gotta love Girlie, dont ya?

vw bug said...

What a sweetie!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I don't know about which row you'd add the color too. I usually just do it and don't worry about the results. :-) You try knitting a few stitches to see if it works and, if not, removing them and waiting until the next row.