Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Runaround

And here I am. With precisely ten minutes, well more like eight before I have to leave again, I am posting.

A friend and I had talked of getting our families together - it's been too long, we never see each other, do you have any six a.m.'s (ice time)? And we had tentatively planned something for this long weekend.

So, I got this email:
hey you,
What's up?? haven't heard from you, are you able to come by friday night?? We'll have drinks!!!!!!!!!!

Sounded good. (Stupid italics now I can't get rid of them) I told my husband and he was on board. And so I called SP, rearranged our christmas shopping plans and then called M. to leave a message saying we'd be over, can't wait to see them and what should I bring.

And so she's a silpada jewelry party. And now she knows I have no plans and *pffft* there went my excuse. Around six thirty last night I was still debating, with my pajamas in one hand and my car keys in the other. I figured I'd stay for an hour. Likely story, I got home at 12:30 a.m.

And this morning to hockey, a tie. While we were all complaining about how bad the team looked we heard the other team's parents talking about what a great game it was and how wonderfully their team played. Which, they were horrible (and mean too, the crosschecking slashers) too but funny how they thought it was a great game and we thought it was horrible and it was all the same as a tie. Different perspective, I guess.

And then it was the final soccer game of the season for the girlie. They capped it off with their first win, so that was something. And no, I don't say as much about soccer but c'mon. It's soccer. Played by first and second graders. And it's soccer.

And now I'm off to the mother in laws, to show off the soccer trophy and then to the mall to get the girlie a jacket and then to home to drop her off and then to SP's and then to the Apple Store (or no?) and some christmas shopping. Oh, and I've got to print my list up in between all of this. And I've got an hour and forty five minutes.

*runs away*


Amy said...

So tonight you and SP are hanging out. Sigh. I'm watching college football (what? There's not a whole lot on the tele on Saturday night and no good free movies (or pay ones for that matter) on demand. Humph. To think I could be hanging with the girls.

Sarah Louise said...

silpada, yum!

btw, good for you for posting every day, even if it is just a sentence!

love me some hockey pictures!!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I must comment on the whole 'by the way, this is a Silpada party'--it sounds like you were invited for drinks but then got roped into a sales party---that would drive me crazy. I don't mind going to parties if I chose to attend, but they can get expensive! I really have to watch how many I attend b/c it seems like there are more and more invites every month.

So, what did you buy? ; )