Saturday, November 17, 2007

I spent this morning going church bazarring/craft fairing with my mom.

The most surprising question came as she filled out a raffle ticket in my name.

She asked me how to spell my last name.

Seriously? She totally did.


Anonymous said...

I never changed my name to my husband's name. I kept my last name. The same name as my dad's. Yet, when he calls me at work, he asks for me by my hasband's name (like he thinks I was kidding about not changing it). No one knows who he is talking about (they know my husband but rarely make the connection).

Be honest, though, is your last name Russian with no vowels or have a silent "q" or something?


Amy said...

That's hysterical. It took my g'ma a long time after my divorce to stop addressing letters to Mrs. Ex Husband and to start just letting me be Miss Eliza Jane.

But your own Mum?!?!

SneakyPeek said...

How Bizarre.

Maybe it was the two "l"s that threw her.


Jennifer said...

That is funny! Because 1. I know your last name and it's pretty easy to spell, and 2. You've been married HOW long!! haha

It took my family a very very long time to not only learn to spell my last name, but how to pronounce it as well. There are still some who can't pronounce it. But my name is hard to pronounce and spell!

catsteevens said...

My mother still references me (mostly in conversations to others) by my maiden name --- and I've been married for five years. Recently, when I was in the hospital and she came to visit, she kept asking for me by my maiden name at the front desk. They kept telling her they did not have anyone by that name....until she finally realized she was asking for the wrong person ;)