Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Alright. I've got to get this post a day thing under control...a whole month of sentences posted at eleven forty eight p.m. is a bit of a copout, no?

Firstly and most importantly, C. is doing marginally better. They are attempting to drain the hematomas near her brain and she is a bit more responsive. I don't have much more information, I've tried to call the house but her parents do not have an answering machine nor do they have a cell phone. They are, or rather the dad is, a fairly sterotypical Mainer. Complete with ayuh's and flannel shirts. I can see that he would have little use for such things. But I'm NEVER sure about calling the hospital, I'm always afraid I will catch them at a bad time. And so I do nothing. Bad form, I know.

And getting updates from my mother is another post entirely.

You're thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I always tell my daughter if you pray to help yourself it's just regular but if you pray for someone else, it's a prayer x 10. Confusing, this coming from a godless heathen? Well, I'm very cautious about coloring my children's ideas of god and faith.

I'm switching subjects quickly here because this can not be ignored....


Dungy, Peyton & the Colts couldn't win even with the (unpaid? paid?) help of the referees. Referees who have yet to figure out just what actual pass interference looks like.
I would've loved to see this game with good officiating, to see what the score might've been.

Take that Indianapolis. The Patriots ARE the best team. Neener, neener, neener.

There's another local team that's pretty hot right now too. The hockey team is 8-0-1 and has a lock on first place in their division.

My husband is kind of blown away by the success. It's even a bit sweeter because there've been emails flying fast and furious from the 'coaching coordinator'. The statement that put my husband over the edge was something about 'we will no longer teach the kids to just slap and the puck and cough it up'. Um, hello? Dumbass, no one has ever TAUGHT that. Maybe some coaches don't teach heads up hockey but I know they don't actively discourage it.

So anyway, this guy was at the game on Saturday. With a notebook. And quite honestly, it was the BEST youth hockey game I've ever seen. Total even matchup. They went goal for goal but the other team pulled ahead at the end of the second period. With two minutes left in the third my son, hold on caps necessary, MY SON tied it up. The place, literally, went wild. Coaches jumping up and down, us parents screaming and cheering, his teammates high fiving & hugging him. And then, with about a minute left, he gets another shot at the game winner but it went up and over the net. *sigh*

But not to worry, his teammate grabbed it and managed to stuff it in the back of the net anyway. We win. The end. Woot!

Mr. Coaching Coordinator said to one of my friends, "wow...this is some good hockey".

And it was.


~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG did you see Peyton's little temper tantrum on the field, after the strip-sack/fumble right into Rosey's hands? LOL!!

Or how about at the end of the game, when everyone was shaking hands, and Peyton put his helmet back *on*?! Someone needs to remind him there's no crying in football either. =P

Amy said...

Woot!! Great hockey season!! That's so awesome!

I know I'm behind on the C thing, but I'm glad to see that she's doign at least a little better. And prayers are always welcome, "heathen" or not, God is listening to you, J!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update on your cousin. I wouldn't call the hospital either. I'm sure that your family knows you're all thinking of them.

You're boy is wicked awesome! hehe we're still giggling about that phrase here. And the kids asked about yours the other day. I'll be happy to tell them that The Boy is having so much fun at hockey.