Thursday, July 06, 2006

Forgive me Blogger...

My gawd. It's been A WEEK? A week since I've posted? Whoops.

It's the popcorn popping, after dinner swimming, red sox watching, mojito drinking, wedding attending, firework enjoying, book reading. I'm blaming it on the fun.

Oh, and this show? Funniest damn show on TV right now. Well, not RIGHT now...unless it's, like, 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, but you get the idea.

We went to my husband's cousin's wedding on Saturday and guess what? An honest to goodness Bridezilla was there. She was very, very, um..particular... during the planning. And her family, I guess they'd be referred to as inlawzillas. The husband's aunt and uncle hosted the affair in their yard, working for hours and hours to plan and prepare the yard, food, seating, tents, bar, cooking area, dance floor, arbor...basically the whole thing was their doing. And it was beeyouteeful. Their yard was transformed. The bride's family? Hung fabric from the tent poles. End of tasks.

The bride, not much of a smiler. She looked essentially annoyed for a good portion of the day so I found it funny to watch her stomp around after someone accidentally broke a candle holder during the limbo contest. Literally...she stomped. *grin*

There were a few pool parties this the friends with pools, one friend was even thoughtful enough to live within walking distance to a fireworks display, nice of them, eh? We thought so.

The kids are making their way through summer vacation by the skin of their teeth. As in...they are lucky they haven't found themselves locked in the cellar for a day or two. All was great up until about two days ago and it has steadily spiraled downwards. This morning's gem? "Why would I want to eat the crap you cook, anyway?". Nice, huh? All because of a fit -no, A FIT - he threw last night while looking at his summer reading list, he was grounded and he had just remembered this morning that he couldn't use the computer or gamecube for two days. So, after scraping his french toast and bacon into the trash I have decided to spend the day at home, working on our behavior. Or THEIR behavior, because I? don't need so much help.

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