Thursday, July 13, 2006

I find myself needing, or maybe just wanting so badly I can't differentiate, a break. There was a shoving match yesterday morning. Over a donut. Who needs an alarm clock when you've got your kids hollering "But that powdered one is miiiiiiiiine"?

The tv is on hiatus for awhile and the girlie went to bed a half hour early tonight after another blowout because I wouldn't make popcorn RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Well, she didn't actually use the F - word. At least not then anyway. And her brother, he somehow stepped up to the big brother plate and calmed her down and read her a book and they camped out together in her room and all was well.

They're so cute I could just gobble them up. Until I remember that it's supposed to be hot and rainy today and they're awake for at least 14 hours a day and that's alot of 'what can we do now?' time.

I gingerly hinted around about the kids wanting to go to Maine, for some, ehem, quality time with dad, but it's supposed to be ninety degrees this weekend and that's just plain mean when there's a clear cool lake not 100 feet away from our regular house.

The boy had an idea: we're now on a quest to try some new types of foods this summer. Even if it's something we've had before like Mexican or Chinese it's our duty to order something that we'd never normally eat. Last week was Thai, this week Mexican. The son thinks he's brave and then hates most everything new. The girlie, on the other hand, doesn't want to try anything and then does...and loves it.

I went a little book crazy at Borders the other day. I'm totally blaming their buy three get one free ploy. But I bought three and could've easily bought more. Now I've got a STACK of books to read - maybe I'll drop the Maine hint just one more time...

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vw bug said...

I can sooooo relate.