Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Two things about the HomeRun Derby:

1. The announcers on ESPN make me thankful for the team of Remy & Orsillo. How can a network, one that is totally devoted to sports, do no better than Chris Berman?

2. How clean is the Allegheny River?

For Cat:

The boy had his nine year checkup today...he's all elbows and shoulder blades and ribs. The official medical term I think is "skin and bones".

He's gained twenty pounds since he was five. So, in keeping with that math I told him he'd be weighing in at a whopping 75 pounds when he turns 13. And he'd be *this* close to getting out of his booster seat. I also told him that they'd let him keep it in the hall during his driver's ed classes. And that he should date a skinny girl and they could have a matching set.

And yes. He still sits in a booster seat...the kid is as light as a feather and on the short side. He complained about it earlier in the week (and weirdly this is only like, the second or third time he's really said anything) so I gave him the ole "just because your friends parents don't use them doesn't make it a good decision" lecture. I told him we'd try fattening him up and no matter what he could lose the seat when he turns ten. TEN. He was totally okay with that. My little weirdo.

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