Monday, July 10, 2006


A trip to a never before visited zoo, near Boston, on a hot summer day....not recommended.

A cookout, with pina coladas and lots of other things that I can't recall because of the pina coladas...highly recommended.

I'm worried just how NONagressive of a driver I've become...I used to be able to drive in and out of Boston without a care in the world. During rush hour, middle of the night, blindfolded. Kidding about the blindfold, just seeing if you were paying attention.

Friday, on the way to the zoo I'm following the vague directions from the zoo website, which I didn't realize were vague until I was in the midst of six lanes of 50 mile an hour traffic, with jersey barriers and such. I'm basically just driving, fully believing I had missed the turn about a mile beforehand but figuring I'd have a chance to work it all out. I see a sign, a sign that filled me with more panic than glee.

Entering Boston

it said. Wha???? What part of Boston looks like THIS?? Where's the Prudential building? The Hancock Tower?

I don't get lost all that easily, somehow, without a lick of common sense I seem to have a fairly decent sense of direction. So, while the heart was hammering madly, because I knew I was south west of town, I was thinking Fenway Park must be right around the next corner. Because the sign said Boston it must mean Boston. And if you've ever been to Beantown you know that if it's not trafficky you can drive through downtown in about ten minutes. It's tiny. Anyways...

My irrational thoughts seem to fly fast and furious, the rational side takes it's sweet time catching up. We get to a stop light, I catch my breath. I look across the street, hey whaddya know, it's the road I'm supposed to find...a full mile before I'm supposed to find it. I look to the right, another sign that says West Roxbury with City of Boston in teeny letters just below. Phew, a suburb.

We make it the rest of the way with little problem (although my kids did cry foul when I missed my exit off the rotary and went around again because the sign was in the wrong place - Hey welcome to Boston, good luck finding your way around, we certainly won't be helping you out - is what the signs should read). My kids love zoos. Love them. I can think of 42,258 places I'd rather be but I let the girlie pick and the zoo it was.

I have pictures. In my camera. It was hot, really hot. I know that lions and tigers and such live in the sahara but for the love of god can they not charge me $3.00 for a bottle of water? The kids were wilting and we hit a big glut of rush hour traffic on the ride home, but they claimed to have loved it. oh-kay.

Saturday we had some friends over for a cookout, that's where the mixed drinks came in. My, we're all so funny after drinking for four hours. Just ask us...we'll tell you :)
The dads were in pink inner tubes in the middle of the lake, the moms playing it safe on the shore. Many jokes were made about the magic bullet blender I borrowed from my neighbor but there was little complaint after the first round of icy drinks.

We may have horrified the one sober person in attendance.

Today, I'm off to Borders for a 4th grade reading list book, Target for a birthday present and Petco to check out the guinea pigs. And then the kids are going to camp and I'm going to work. Ahhh, work. Sometimes it's better than a day off.

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