Sunday, July 23, 2006


So, the Sox were on at ten p.m. Friday night.

I made a fair attempt. Cracked open an icy cold caffinated beverage around 10:05...
Why does caffiene only work sometimes?
I watched more than half of the game only to be woken up by the air conditioner turning on.

And Jerry Remy saying "...if you fell asleep on the couch tonight you didn't miss much..."

Well, alrighty then.

My boy is still into raptory type birds. Hawks, eagles and such. He wants to start a bird watching club, called *drumroll please* Eagle Eyes. Witty, no? He also wants me to drive him around for the sole purpose of trying to spot hawks or kestrels or whatever. I nixed the special trips to see birds and told him just to keep his eyes peeled on the way to the grocery store.

I've taken picture after picture and my memory card is finally full. Now if only I could find the camera. It's probably with the DVD remote that I've been missing for two weeks...under the couch, behind the chess set or something, whooping it up and choking on dust bunnies.

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