Friday, July 21, 2006

The husband has decided that because last year's hockey cookout was a success that we should do it all again.

Superb idea.

He wants a bash. Lotsa people, food and drinks. I want fewer people and food but lotsa drinks. I think he invited half of his hockey team the other night so it looks like I'm losing this one. And it's next weekend. Eight days.

But. The first batch of limoncello will be ready in six more days, so that's a plus.

On the bright side, the really, really, really bright side...I just got two Red Sox tickets for the day after the cookout. I am beside myself. And I didn't even have to sell a kidney or my first born. WOOHOO I. Am. Going. To. Fenway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, these days I would just about GIVE my first born away to gypsies or the carnival if they needed someone who would pester them endlessly and pick fights with any little girls that are, say, around five years old and totally minding their own business. Any takers?

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