Monday, July 31, 2006


What a day at the Park. Wicked great.

Until I return with photos I'll leave you with a few observations:

1. Men. No matter how muscley you THINK you are....don't drive your jeep while shirtless.

2. Ladies. You're at the ballpark. In the city. One of the oldest ballparks in the oldest cities, where even the dirt dates back to Babe Ruth. Um, what posesses so many of you to wear skimpy flip flops or those wedge sandals where your feet have slid halfway out the front of the sandals and your toes are all hanging over the front edge...touching the ground or getting stepped on by scores of drunkards?

3. Cell phone users. Great, you've made it to Fenway. Now do me a favor and don't call everyone you know to tell them, "Dude. I've got bitches and beers. I'm set. They're all over me." I'm assuming he meant the beers because he had no bitches. Just an empty seat between him and his friend. Heh. Really though, shut off the damn phones.

Off to work...see you later...

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vw bug said...

The advantages of cell phones... you can lie at a distance any time any place. ;-)