Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I like living in a small town, but really...

So, last night after a meeting, one of the selectmen invites me out for a drink. And a hour or two of town politics gossip. The selectman in question is a woman, so don't be getting any ideas. Anyway...

Both of the bars in town? Closed. One for repairs and one was just - closed. Huh?

It would've been good gossip too because she frequently swears me to secrecy and then drops bombshells all the time in the office. Bombshells being small town politics at their finest. This person is a secret business partner of this person, so and so is taking the town to court, this guy- his wife? - she used to run a phone sex line...stuff like this.

And last night the bars were closed. I told her that, clearly, being a selectman means NOTHING if she cannot make the folks at the chinese food restaurant open their bar for just two or three drinks.

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