Monday, July 17, 2006

A decision has been made.

Summer is for enjoyin'.

Nothing is getting accomplished on the weekends lately. Nothing. No laundry, no lawn mowing, no nuthin'.

We spent yesterday baking in the sahara of our friends treeless backyard. Holy moly it felt like we were cooking in the sun under a giant magnifying glass. But it only felt like that when you were out of the pool.

You know the heat is unbearable when you WANT to share a pool with 25 shrieking kids.

I was perusing the internet for limoncello recipes because...well, yum...when I noticed that a good recipe will take a MONTH to steep. Um, cable internet is too slow for me...a month for a drink? I will start it tomorrow. There's also a week long recipe, starting that tomorrow too. Right after I buy a lemon zester. And two giant bottles of vodka.

Scenes from this weekend:

My son: on the roof outside his window because someone threw a tube on the roof and then, in order to get it down, he threw his basketball on the roof. And then he just HAD to get them both.

My daughter: sitting and talking on the trampoline and running and swimming for hours with her best friend. That she won't admit is her best friend, because he's a boy.

Me: blissfully unaware of our friend M. sneaking up and then knocking me into the pool because I blindsided a him with a squirt gun mere moments before.

Husband: Sunburned. Has been nicknamed Bernie. As in Burnie. Who is out in the sun, cringing with every move, today at work.

Scenes from today:

Airconditioning, a movie, popcorn on the couch, a few lectures on decision making (no roof, use sunblock), work, camp, swimming, dinner, swimming.

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