Friday, September 16, 2005

Survivor Spoiler Alert - If your real name or fake name is blackbird - click on the X

Stephenie, Stephanie, Stefanie. Howeverthehell she spells it I spell it A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

The boys, all passing out and cramping up and puking. Very nice. And the girls, all working and nursing and holding it together. Even nicer. Bobby Jon with the eyerolling freakiness? Freaky.

I love Margaret The Nurse. At least for now. My fellow Masshole, Amy (that's a term of love coined by outofstaters for our superior driving skills) ? No opinion yet. But she was kind of lagging behind with the fishmonger chick so I'm curious to see how she fares.

I thought, after snooping at the CBS website, that the blue team would be way tougher and easier to like. Mainly because of the fishmonger and the generally whimpy look of yellow. And then came my girl Steph. I've jumped right up on the yellow bandwagon and may only get down if Stef goes home and Margaret stays in the game.

It's early yet, the true assholeness of people hasn't had a chance to shine in most cases. With the exception of Jim - who was voted out - his vote was for Margaret the Nurse who kept the boys from falling to pieces the day before, nice exit move Jim. Have a good flight home.

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