Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The daughter seems to be doing just fine. The spots are not lasting even a day, they're just fading away and sometimes a few new ones appear. Very ho-hum. The red spot on her ankle? Gone.
I rather enjoy ho-hum when it comes to medical stuff.

I've been working during the day, every day this week and I've had meetings every night. I thought I'd be catching a break tomorrow but one of the selectman just called me in to prepare for some court case or other. And we're supposed to be having a guest for dinner tomorrow. Yum. I love roast guest.

My kids have been all crabby with each other lately. I find it exhausting. Today, as a reward for arguing over feeding the dog, I made them each write three things they like about the other and then read them aloud. They both really liked what the other had to say but will this slow down the crabbies? I'm not holding out much hope. Any ideas?

Tomorrow is Survivor. Yesterday was Amazing Race, tonight Lost. And I've got Crash and Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4 and Little House on the Prairie disc # 7,582 in from Netflix. And the Sox are playing the Yankees this weekend and the Patriots are playing Sunday. WTF. How can one person watch this much TV? Is it even possible? With two soccer games, a hockey practice, a hockey game, a book club get together and an out of state birthday party? I will try it and let you know.

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