Friday, September 30, 2005

I am Switzerland. In shorts.

How evil are you?

And for the show and tell...
It's Friday guys and dressing messy on Fridays is part of my plan. I have on...Patriot's Hat (purchased at the game), red long sleeved shirt (Target) and tan shorts old tan shorts whose retail home is unknown. Very cutting edge, I know.

Survivor. Excellent TeeVee, again. How could you stand still during a challenge and not expect to go home? Rafe made up for last weeks failure to climb up a ladder mishap, but my favorite team still lost. My favorite team being any team Stephanie is on.

Already I'm running into a hiccup in the television marathon that is was supposed to be my weekend. Numerous hiccups actually. The first being that I'll be missing most of tonight's Sox game while we chatter on about books. Good company and all, but Red Sox baseball doesn't get any more important than these next three games.

And, under the heading of holy shit...there are major problems in the company my husband works for. And by major I mean federal indictments major. That, my friends, is a shitty way to start my weekend.

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