Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ohhhhh, you mean I have to post?

And not just look at my pretty site? Ahhh. Well, if that's the case....

then I guess I will start with this...

I harbor a crazy crush on this man.

My kids and I are addicted to these.

I am putting the kids to bed early tonight so that we can watch the premiere of this show.

and tomorrow night so that I can watch this.

I am busy making invitations for the girlie's birthday. She wants an Indian party. No, not curry and sarees but feathers and tipis. This all stems from the Little House on the Prairie obsession and sounded like fun to me. What's not to love about war paint and feathered headbands? I have, of late, entered the dubious world of rubber stamping. I kind of suck at it, as I'm not crafty by nature but I'm going to give her invites a shot and see how I do. We're only inviting a few friends so if they laugh at me it'll be to my face and I can give them hell.

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