Friday, September 16, 2005

My blogging life has meaning again...the Friday show and tell has returned.

But I'm lazy. Actually, I've been on the go all day and even though we were given ample time to prepare, I'm using pictures I took after I finished painting the bathroom. Last December.

I'm kind of amazed, well not amazed but surprised at how different the purple looks in natural light (the top two) and lightbulb lighting. Since then I've hung a few pictures and refilled the toilet paper roll.

What you don't see:

1. In front of the sink is another green rug. Underneath the rug? My daughter painted the floor with purple glittery nail polish.

2. A hole in the floor next to the toilet. My husband was doing the installation and had just started cutting. I happen to walk in the room to ask him something or other. He stops sawing, thank god. He had the toilet facing the wrong way. Not totally backwards but so your knees would be facing the cabinet. oops.

3. Both bolt covers on the base of the toilet. Missing. Courtesy of Baxter the Lab. Every time we replace them he takes them off.

This bathroom was originally two rooms when we bought the house, a bathroom and a VERY small bedroom. The bathroom had eighties plastic walls, brown shag carpeting and masking tape instead of caulking. Imagine my surprise when I tried to bleach it and instead of white caulking I got old soggy tape. ew. I used to keep slippers outside the door because I wouldn't let my feet hit the carpet. I prayed for a bathroom re-do prior to the arrival of the son.

I was 6 months pregnant and didn't hold out much hope. I got the heebie jeebies when I thought I'd be kneeling on the bathroom rug to give the new baby a bath. And then *surprise* the well, the well that provided the water for our little home, it went dry and pumped silt through the plumbing and each and every fixture was jammed up. Careful what you wish for.

That was the beginning of the end of the ick. Walls came down. Pipes went in and presto chango....a new and improved bathroom.

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