Friday, September 09, 2005

Post Game Reporting

First off, if you ever have the chance to see the Opening night game of your favorite football team after they've won the it. And the tailgating. You must do that too.

It was a feast although not the kind you see on the news with the giant buffet tables and beer bellied men with chili pots. Our chili pot had no beer bellied man. Many good eats were eaten. Faces were painted and jerseys were donned.

Here's what I saw....

Nothing. See this tall ass guy. Yeah, me too. All damn night. He had to be at least 6' 4". I had to cash in the kids college fund to afford this damn ticket and I got to look at the back of a Northface vest all damn night. Not really, he was more of a sitter. Until the play came down to our end, then I had to leeeeaaaan around him. Kidding about the college fund. How can I afford to start one? Bruins tickets go on sale today ba-by.

The pregame show. We're big Green Day fans in this house and the kids cried when I told them that I'd get to see Green Day and th-ey could-n't nah nah neh nah nah. Babies. Really though, With the exception of Green Day, even though they played the single MOST overplayed but not overtly political song they could (The NFL told the Rolling Stones that they could NOT play one of their songs, some new tune that apparently has some negative political overtone or something - so they must've nixed alot of the more rockin' Green Day tunes - that's just my guess but guys, I'm wicked smaht so I just know I must be right - how else to explain...I walk a lonely road the only road that I have ever known...) kind of ho-hum. But the helmet. IT OPENED. And there was Ozzy, smiling like a fool. Or high as a kite. No one knew anything but the chorus and now it's stuck like a nightmare in my head. I'm goin' off the rails on a Crazy Train.

Ho hum. Next time stay home. Or give the ticket to April.


After. I wish I had the soundtrack. We were hollerin' like fools.

I don't know what they showed on the teevee but at halftime they had some currently serving National Guard troops march out onto the field and then they swore in about two hundred new recruits. Their oath was very solemn and I cried. Needless to say, in light of all the National Guard has been called onto to do I am very thankful for their service.

And on with the show...

The view from the ninth row? In case you were wondering it's pretty damn good. Sorry I didn't crop the picture to get rid of the hair of the friend of tall northface vest guy.

Some family we went with sat up there. Second section in, sixteen rows from the top. When I said that you should see your favorite team on opening night and all of that...I meant if you have good seats. I would be scared out of my wits up there. Upon joining us in the fourth quarter they, looking all windblown and tired from the walk, told us 'It's awfully windy up there in heaven.'

The crown royal bag. When I was a kid I used to think I had the fanciest Lite Brite peg holder in town. Many years later I find out you get them for FREE. They are readily available. I do not drink Crown Royal as I'm rather partial to my esophagus but I love those velvety purple bags.

It was a late night, the game got over at godknowswhattime and then the traffic. GAH! The traffic. We tried to wait it out with more tailgating. Sausages and peppers and onions anyone? But even after 2:00 a.m. there was still tons of cars and RVs. I crawled into bed around four a.m. and woke up around 6:45 knowing if I hit snooze and successfully snoozed...I'd never get up. I should be in fine shape around dinner this evening.

The End.

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