Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The husband has been working nights this week. A heavy equipment operator getting a combined total of about 12 hours of sleep since he woke up on Sunday. Now THAT'S safe. Wimping out is not an option. Neither is skipping hockey practice. Or smiling. He is no longer able to muster up enough energy to smile.

I came home from work tonight and my kids are sleeping together in my son's bed. Like Laura and Mary Ingalls. Except they will be kicking each other and grouching around 2 a.m. The real Ma wouldn't tolerate that crap.

I'm getting alot of hits from people looking for Wolf Blitzer's quote about the people in New Orleans being "so poor and so black". People, he said it. Really. On September 1st. Sometimes people just say the wrong damn thing.

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