Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wii wish you a merry christmas

In our quest to get a big jump on our christmas shopping SP and I decided wii needed an evening out.

Basically, our evenings out consist of her giving me a hard time because I put 9/10 of everything back before I check out and me giving her a hard time because she forgot all of her money and she made me go to the ATM.

That last part was a lie. It was me, I forgot my money and she very generously went to the ATM so wii could get some dinner. My head was all scrambly last night. First the money and then later when I spilled half my bags onto the sidewalk at her house and didn't know how to unlock my car. How, after more than two full years can I NOT know how to unlock my car? Seriously, I'm asking you.

The one thing I was really looking for isn't all that available but wii got lucky...there seem to be a few hanging around here and there. So I got it. And I actually hugged it once wii got in the car.

Can you guess what it is? Huh? Huh? Canya?

And yes, I did too hug it. How could I not?

I mean, look at her.

And now, I'm wanting this. And this. And this too! I mean the kids, yeah, the KIDS are wanting these. Or they will be. Because they don't know they're getting one. And it has nothing to do with what I want. Nothing at all.

Now, how to tell my husband....


blackbird said...

YOU are going to have so much FUN.

Now shut up about Christmas.

Mig said...


We love Wii, We love Wii, We love Wii


Anonymous said...

I need to pick your brain! I may also, in my anonymousness, as rude questions like how much did you pay. My husband and I are on the lookout for one for Chrsitmas too and wii've decided (love that!) if we don't get it soon, it will be too hard and/or expensive to get. I've been browsing ebay but that makes me nervous. I'm also in New England, do you want to be specific about the store or is that too revealing? How much did you pay (rude rude, I know, I'm ashamed)?

Lisa said...

What's the problem? It's ONLY $500. :) I'm sure he'll never notice.

Seriously, though... he hasn't seen the wii?

jenny said...

Okay, Anon...I will answer the questions but have a few of my own... Why the anonymous business? Do I know you?

The Wii is NOT $500.00 (Lisa, yeah, that'd be a bit tough to slide on through). It cost $250.00 and comes with one controller, one nunchuck and the Wii Sports game.

I got it at Game Stop but they also had two at Walmart and I've seen one or two of them at Target in the past few weeks. The guy at GameStop said that people haven't been thinking about Christmas yet but once they do they'll be impossible to get again.

And Lisa, he's seen the Wii but not our Wii, which is residing at my friend's house for the time being. I had to justify it to him FIRST and now that I have, it's safe to bring her home.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the anon. No, I don't know you (nor the other way around). I just normally comment under a fake name and when I joined blogger, it was under my real name (for a real life friend who has a blog), now I can't figure out how to use my alias sometimes and my real name on just my friend's blog. Not that I have anything to hide. I guess I just hide for the sake of hiding.

Thanks for answering my questions. I saw the TArget ad this week too. I think I need to get moving on the Wii. Now where did I leave my spare $250 ;-)