Friday, September 07, 2007

Edited to Add

The man in the background is the bee sting victim.

Front of the girlie's shirt.

I added some wee birdies to the back of the shirt up near the collar.

And just so you know, I looked into those recipes...and they involved making some sort of butter. Butter? Yeah, well whatever...ain't happenin'.

I just heard about a fair that I so would like to go to. It's a bit of a ride AND opening day for the Patriots so it's looking like that won't be happening either.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Yay for football season!!

Those wee birdies are adorable. Kinda like Pedroia. =)

Mig said...

I think the red birdie had too much birdseed.

Is that right?

jenny said...

Aww, wee Pedroia. Love, love, love him.

And SP - no seed, just a mishap with the pattern ironing on. It slipped and was too blurry to see so I just stitched, patternless, and he ended up a bit tubby.

Jennifer said...

I think that you should be doing this and selling some t-shirts and shorts.. I know a certain little blonde girl who would LOVE her Auntie Jenny to make her one ;)

Caterina said...

That is GORGEOUS embroidery.

"....and he ended up a bit tubby."
Hahahaha, that's cute.