Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So This. This has shaken my faith to the core of my being. Would it have been so difficult to just play football?

Apparently, matching up the defensive calls to the plays takes very little time. Polaroids are taken before and during/after the snap (this is a legal and general course of business) and then they can match them up to the calls on the video and by half time it's a done deal. And when the Patriots come out in the first quarter looking mediocre and then again in the third quarter looking like superstars, well, one has to wonder.

Let me just say, that the whole third quarter turnaround is pretty much the Pats style of play. And as fans, we came to rely on it. To be proud of the way they could turn a game around in the second half.

Not that they came out, in this past game, looking mediocre...oh no, Tom Brady had so much time to throw that ball, from the very first passing play, that I called my husband in to watch him stand there and visibly pause. Can they match the calls to the polaroids that quickly? And with the questionable radio frequency issues maybe they got the calls into Tom in time for the snap.

Supposedly you can get the same info by recording from the stands...why take a chance on the sideline? The whole thing makes complete sense and no sense all at the same time. Do I think they're guilty? Sadly, sounds like it. Do I think they're the only team that does it? Not likely.

And do I still hope they kick the hell out of the Chargers and that bitch Tomlinson this weekend? You bet.

Then, if they lose every single game after that...that's fine. There's more pride in losing honestly than cheating. They would do well to remember that.

I suppose I'll have to put a little more stock in my second favorite team. A team I'm picking to go to the NFC Championship game. The Cowboys.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I've said as much myself. Go Packers.

Amy said...

I didn't see the game (no cable yet - tomorrow!!!) and had no idea of this controversy. Oh my. What a stupid idea. Don't we (as an organization) pride ourselves in being ABOVE all the b.s.?! Nice job, Pats.