Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm feeling one step behind these days. I just read somewhere that someone was moving at 'kid speed' and I thought...exactly.

My concerns about school this year couldn't have been further from the mark. My boy complained for a solid hour on the first day, so much so that I gave him the 'find two positive things' challenge...and since then? Mostly good. Like 90 percent mostly, which is huge for us. He's been a member of the I Hate School Club since first grade (even though his grades and conduct have always been great) so to hear him say that his day was - and I quote - Okay. Well, let's just say it's awesome. What's helping too, is the end of grades that read like MCAS (some idiotic state standardized testing that has overtaken the school system) scores...."meets grade level standards"and other such nonsense. Which, I'm glad he meets the standards and all but isn't that just average, what the average kid should be doing? Or a C? Nope, don't be foolish. This year it's A's and actual Number grades. And what a difference it's made to him. Thank god.

The girl on the other hand, who I was sure would excel, I mean, EXCEL. Well, she's having trouble. Not with the school work, exactly but she's having a lot of trouble just telling the kids in her group to leave her alone while she finishes her work. They ask her for answers and call her name over and over and she gets "too distracted to finish on time" was how she put it. And her teacher is a first year lady and we're getting weekly progress reports with those 'meets grade level standards' type of things in like ten different categories. And she's not meeting them all. Ugh.

In other, more fascinating news, the boy's hockey team won their first game on Sunday. Which is a good thing....my husband has been waking up at FOUR a.m. reviewing drills and running through different plays in his head. He's exhausted. But he's exhausted and victorious, which is fine.

And I've been doing a bit of this and a bit of that and not enough of any one thing. Not enough time to blog, watch baseball, embroider, read, watch football, edit photos for the hockey website, work and perform all the various house related tasks. Of course there's enough time but I am a procrastinator and a general time waster so life's a bit of a scramble right now.


~**Dawn**~ said...

It is also cruel & unsual torture to have both the Patriots *and* the Sox on tv. In huge games. At the very.same.time.

Jennifer said...

I'm very proud of the boy! He deserves to finally catch a break and be happy with school. The Girlie will be fine. She'll figure out how to adjust and will EXCEL just as you had imagined. All the life scramble will settle as well. It's only been two weeks, which means it's meltdown time from summer, from the excitement of back to school, back to work and new work at that. So it will unscramble soon. Don't you worry.