Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am

And just like that summer vacation is over, school has started and I report to the new job tomorrow.

Labor day weekend was a blur of driving and hockey and fireworks and children. I can barely remember what I was doing and when so here are some highlights in absolutely NO particular order:

Went to our friends house for a last minute gathering and he and his neighbor had a fireworks battle royale which our party totally kicked his lame-o fireworks lighting ass, so that was fun. Our friend, M had purchased hundreds of dollars of fireworks up in New Hampshire, stuff that is probably best handled by professionals and not partially drunk hockey coach attorney types, but whatevah.

We went to cookout at my parent's cabin in Maine (we share 31 acres). While we were there one of the guys took a swig of beer and swallowed a bee. Which promptly caused his throat to start swelling shut. To say we are out in the sticks is kind of putting it mildly, the nearest neighbor is a mile away and if you go in the other direction? No one for many miles as the road turns impassable). His wife and a few others loaded him into a truck and high tailed it to the fire station where he was whisked away by ambulance. He had swallowed some benadryl before he left and by the time he actually got to the hosptial? He was fine. Still, we referred to the incident as a buzzkill. Har-har-har.

Red Sox are playing some good ball.

Hockey has finally started. There was so much drama surrounding the past few weeks (goalies, they pay half price...can they pay full price and skate out? If you could see how many emails this generated....oh my word) I was anxious to just watch the kids skate. Until I went to the rink and started meeting people as "the coach's wife". ugh. But then I watch my boy, who looks so at ease out there and I find myself rethinking my 'ugh' and will probably just sit by myself (or with a select crowd of those I already know). Christ, is that snobbish or what? Oh well, I just want to watch...and enjoy.

Am wanting to try out the recipes *wink wink* that they show on Weeds. Dudes, really, it could be fun.

Am still hooked on embroidery. Just finished a shirt for my to follow.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yikes! That buzz kill incident would have freaked me out!

My family was at the pond on Sunday but I was home nursing a cold. Booooo. . .

~**Dawn**~ said...

Correction. The Sox *were* playing good ball. =/

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great end to a nice summer. Except the bee thing. They are really bad this time of year. My leg still friggen hurts!

Hope that the kids are liking their first week at school. Two more days till Saturday! YAY :)

How did the job go? I'm anxiously waiting to hear all about it. If you're not going to blog it, send me an email ;)

It's 6:56am time to go get my coffee

catsteevens said...

Wow, that was a bluur ;)

Congrats & G'luck on the new job!

Anne said...

I worry about swallowing a bee all the time! (I drink a lot of beer)

I don't get HBO or whatever station WEEDS is on, but last year up in Chicago my sister and i spent a whole day watching the entire first season. I love that show!