Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is that a warm summer breeze ?

Or the MFY breathing down the necks of my beloved Sox?

At 1.5 games back, definitely the latter.

I could watch this commercial a thousand times and it would still make me smile. I think.

The Patriots had a big win on Sunday and as hoped they beat the crapola out of the crying LaDanien and the Chargers. And remember how I said if they lost the rest of the games that'd be okay, y'know, cause they cheated. Well, I'm sort of regreting that now because I kind of want them to win. Every game. So, oops. And Belichick is a fool but he's MY our fool and I still kind of like the old grouch.

Cowboys are 2-0 in case you're keeping track. Which I know you're not (unless you're me. or Dawn. or maybe Amy, now that she's got internet) so whatever.

Survivor tomorrow night. Finally. Am looking forward to Blackbird's recaps almost as much.

My new boss, at my most awesome (if a bit dull) new job...he gave me a company credit card to buy fruit and soda for the office. I was hoping he'd say this and this too but no dice.


cady said...

i can't believe how the yankees have closed the gap. i'm hoping the sox can hang on and win the divison. i'm excited about survivor too...i love that show!

~**Dawn**~ said...

M.F.Y. Jeez, they just never go away. But seriously?? What the *hell* is going on with the Sox?! Could they at least *try* to look like they are showing any effort?! >=[

I think what you *meant* to say was that if they lost the rest of the games, you'd be ok with that because it would be done honestly. But... every eye in the world is on them & they can't possibly be that stupid as to try anything foolish now (and Belichick has to know Kraft is all over him right now like a cheap suit) and just lookit what they can do!! Mangini not so genius: he went & pissed off the Patriots which is just the fire the rest of the teams *don't* want New England to have. And Billick has to say the right thing to the media of course but you know that Mangini is out of the fraternity & Billick made sure he knew that on Sunday.

Packers are 2-0 too!!

SneakyPeek said...


Three cheers for your dull job with perks!

Kimberly said...

Ya know...less watching of the Sox may leave you more time to learn to sew.... AND sew....
Sewing becomes quite an obsession too!

Amy said...

I had such a difficult Sunday. Tom is my fantasy QB. But my opponent has NE as his defense. Which made it hard to know what to cheer for today. Loved the win,though. And not just a win, but a TROUNCING!

And the Sox? I've been too nervous to even watch. I just wanted MFY to NOT make the blasted playoffs at all. Is that asking too much!?

Oh, and I'm definitely NOT a Cowboy's fan. I don't hate 'em, but the whole T.O. thing doesn't help.