Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And yes, this IS important

So, all three of you know one show I'll be watching this fall. I probably shouldn't mention that by last week, the second week of its new season, I had already forgotten to watch. Ergh.

What else?

Okay, well Dancing with the Stars because, well, alright there's no good reason. Before the first season I thought, No Way would I evah watch, no way. I think I caught the season finale that time. And then, I figured, maybe I would try to watch Season Two. It was a slippery slope people...Hi my name is Jenny and I am a DancingWithTheStars-aholic. I could do with less guest performers and dramatically placed commercials though.

And then there's Survivor. Between the casting and the editing...never mind the challenges and drama...It's my Thursday night, only talk during commericals, place to be.

I started off strong with Heroes last year. Watched it religiously. And then something happened, I missed one. And forgot to catch up online. So then I missed two and then three and the season finale would make four. So, while I know that they saved the cheerleader and the world, I've no idea HOW. Season Two started last night and I didn't watch, because of the same stupid reason...like if I don't watch them sequentially my head will explode or something. What's the matter with me?

I don't watch any of those CSI or Law and Order shows. Nor do I watch Grey's Anatomy (I did watch one or two episodes and during one the main whiny girl rolled off a pier and into a lake (ocean?) and I thought...'thank god, I HATE that girl'. I said to a friend that I hoped that they wrote her off she totally laughed and said that she doubted it because it was the GREY from Grey's Anatomy that I was talking about. And that was the last I saw of that.

I rarely watch comedies, since my tendencies go toward shows like It's Always Sunny and Arrested Development (still mourning the loss, thankyouverymuch) and there aren't alot of shows on that are twisted enough for me to enjoy.

I always mean to watch Rescue Me, Friday Night Lights and The Shield but forget when they're on.

Last night I watched Journeyman with Lucius Vorenus. It was pretty good. Watchable. I'll stick with it, especially if I remember when it's on.

And Kid Nation? Did anyone see Kid Nation? I was totally anti when I was seeing the previews, then a few reviewers sort of sucked me in. Plus, the husband was at some hockey thing so I curled up on the couch with the kids and we watched. I have to say...I. Loved. It. Where did they find some of these kids? They're more mature than I am, some of them. The whole idea of it, fending for yourselves and relying on each other...it's all taken to the extreme, of course, but it's pretty cool. And the first season, where no one has preconceived notions about the show, is usually the best. *repeats to self*Wednesdayat8, Wednesdayat8, Wednesdayat8.

Which is the same time as Pushing Daisies, a show I wanted to try to watch. Oh well.

And then there's Cavemen. Um, hello. Who ever thought this was a good idea should lose their job. Immediately.

So...what shows do are you watching?


~**Dawn**~ said...

Tuesday: Boston Legal & I think I am going to check out that new show, Cane.
Wednesday: I am going to watch the Grey's spinoff Private Practice.
Thursday: Grey's (yep, I got sucked in -- that whiny girl? she says & feels a lot of things that remind me of myself. hmmmm... LOL) & CSI
Friday: Ghost Whisperer & Men In Trees.

Saturday is for watching all the shows I DVR'd during the week that I didn't get a chance to watch yet.

Sunday & Monday are for football.

Jennifer said...

Finished watching Charmed so sad that show is finished. I just LOVED the entire thing. Tonight we finished Season 2 of Supernatural.. I'm very happy with the fact that the season finale was not as big of a "cliff hanger" as the first season.

Missed the friggen first episode of Survivor because I'm a wing nut and even though I was reminded that afternoon that it was on I still forgot.

Dancing with the stars... I've been hooked the past five years as well my friend. Did you see Jennie how pissed she was that others got a higher score then her! Watch her facial expressions... They're priceless. Oh and um.. not liking that I have to watch that show THREE nights in a row, but now that look at my noboobs Samantha is gone(for now anyway) it's not as hard as it could be.

I'm hearing all these things about Heroes and I'm very tempted to rent it. Is it worth my money and time?

Picked up Smallville season 6 the other day and will start that probably tomorrow afternoon. First I need to go buy me some healthy snacks to snack on cause all this flippin Fall Tv watching I swear I've gained like 10 pounds GRRRRRR

Caterina said...

It seems we disagree on TV stuff. Thank goodness we don't have to watch TV together, ha.

1) I LOVE Damages with Glenn Close.

2) I like Grey's Anatomy, but I hear ya on the whiny girl bit.

3) I enjoy all the Law & Orders -- the original one, and Law & Order SVU, also Law & Order Criminal Intent.

lastly 4) Rescue Me.

That's it for me!