Monday, October 01, 2007

Annie get your gun

Ever throw a tomahawk?
Tomahawk Throwing
We have. Or rather, the kids have.

I took the kids to the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo yesterday so they could try their hand at shooting, archery, fly fishing and such. I shot a gun for the first time, a .22 rifle. I hit the bullseye five out of five shots and am officially in the market for a gun. Seriously. Not anytime soon because I've got to get an FID card and really, disposable income for a gun? Not likely. Could I borrow one after I get my card? Hopefully.

But it was so totally relaxing...finding the target in the scope, aiming, shooting and then the almost instantaneous PING of the bullet hitting the target. I have no urge to hunt, none. But I could easily spend an hour a week at a rifle range pinging bullets off metal turkeys.

And the kids loved it too:
Shooting a .22

The Rifle Range

We shied away from the shotguns because they were WAY loud and the line was wicked long, but the kids did get to shoot some arrows...

And the girlie climbed a big fake rock
The Rock Wall

It was quite a drive and we arrived home exhausted. The first thing my son did? Grab his Cabela's catalog to try and find his momma a gun.


SneakyPeek said...

I love how your boy is thinking of you. ;-)

Amy said...

LOVE that he did that!! and I simply adore the pic of girlie climbing!! What an awesome pic!!

My mom was an unbelievable shot. She could win anything you wanted at the fair and would show us how to shoot grandad (and hers) rifles when we went down the farm. I miss that.

I could spend time just shooting, too, although I don't want to kill ANYTHING.

Jennifer said...

So cool! And so much fun. I have a bunch of guns you can play with, they're locked away of course. I come from a family full of hunter men.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh lord, remind me not to cut in front of your house anymore. Don't want a bb in the butt!

True Willow said...

Now jenny, there is definitely another way to deal with your Anger...guns are not the answer! LMAO!!!